The 100 Year Archive Project - Defining Storage Practices and Standards for The Long Term Preservation of Data

  • How Do You Keep Data for 100 Years?

  • How to you define “long term”?  Is it 10 years, 20 years, 50 years or 100 years?

  • How do you ensure digital information is not lost forever?


The 100 Year Archive Task Force (100YrATF) was formed by the Storage Networking Industry Association’s (SNIA) Data Management Forum in 2004.  The 100 Year Archive Task Force is an international, multi-agency group of industry professionals and organisations working together to develop best practices guidelines and storage standards to ensure the long term preservation of data and digital information assets.

SpectrumData, as a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (A&NZ), are involved in and support this initiative.

The 100 Year Archive Task Force was formed by SNIA as a result of the developing crisis in the preservation of data for the long term, with particular emphasis on the retention of digital information within corporate data centres.

The two driving factors are:

  • Losing information that is stored digitally due to corruption, loss of access, loss of discoverability, or loss of readability
  • Losing control of the ability to keep up with migrating the overwhelming volume of information to new media and into new logical formats.

Goals of the project:

  • Produce a “best practices for a long-term digital information retention reference” model Integrate ILM-based practices into the long-term digital information retention process Sustainably automate IT infrastructure in support of business and information requirements.
  • Define reference models and possible technical standards that solve and provide for the two ‘big challenges’ of preservation, scalable physical and logical migration. Produce a Long-Term Digital Information Retention Glossary Provide Education