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Data Assets.

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Data Access Strategies.

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Forward Thinking,
Backwards Compatible.

Protecting your past,
securing your future.

Geophysical data

Data Preservation
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Unparalleled access
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Corporate data management

Resource Data Management.

From Prospect to Production.

Oil and gas data management

SpectrumData - Total Data Management and Data Restoration Solutions

SpectrumData is the largest data management company in the Southern Hemisphere, providing the best data management services to clients all over the world. 

SpectrumData works with Oil and Gas companies to provide seismic data, geophysical data and exploration data management services. 

We also work with large corporations to service their corporate data management and data restoration needs. 

Global Services

Global Services

Client Success Story: 

SpectrumData Recovers 50 Year Old Vietnam War Battle Intelligence Data. To read the full article, click below.

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Industry Resources

Our guide to accredited and recognised international and Australian Industry Standards, Guidelines and Professional Associations.   

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